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Average Miles per Week: 1,800 to 2,600

Notes: Minimum 2 years of experience. 100% fuel surcharge to owner operators.

Pay details: $0.31 and up. $0.38 for teams

Average Miles per Week: 2,500

Notes: No experience necessary - has driving school. Van and reefer haulage. Sign up bonus may apply.

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Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, Inc

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Date: 2015-01-13 04:38:11

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Video Library - Faster Truck - Trucking Services Directory

Trucking Video Playlists compiled from youtube. Features Trucks and Truck Driver's from around the world.

Includes the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, France and other countries.

There are several Video Playlists - Some contain many videos, over 20, others only a few. Once the first video is started it will continue to play all videos in the...

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The Highest Paying Trucking Jobs in the Trucking Industry

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Highest Paying Trucking Jobs: Tips For Nailing The Best

August 8, 2016

By CatMac22* Leave a Comment

The highest paying trucking jobs are what every driver in the trucking industry wants.

Usually, the highest paying truck driver jobs are in what's called a 'niche market'. Very specialized trucking is...

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Top 20 Lift Truck Suppliers 2016 - Modern Materials Handling

Unit sales continue to climb and revenue is inching upward in this year's annual look at the top lift truck suppliers.

Equipment in the News

More Equipment News

By Josh Bond, Contributing Editor · August 1, 2016

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has again claimed the No. 1 spot on Modern's annual list of the Top 20 lift truck suppliers, as KION Group held second place with nearly double the...

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Date: 2017-01-12 11:08:57

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Truck Hire Perth | Truckworld Rental Australia

Truck Hire Perth

The trusted name for truck rental in Perth.

If you've been searching the web for truck hire in Perth, you are no stranger to the multitude of companies vying for your business. We don't just promise the world, we deliver. Truckworld Rental focuses on providing our clients with a comprehensive range of vehicles, at competitive prices, all delivered via...

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